To Clarify Meditation

This page will help you understand meditation more

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years by various cultures and was recently reintroduced into modern Western culture during the past 50 years. It has gained quite a bit of popularity in the natural health circle because of its many benefits in reducing stress and achieving well-being. Many people from western cultures  have now adopted a meditation practice as a spiritual and mental tool that is beneficial in many ways in our modern society.

Meditation is a practice of stillness and mindfulness, that of letting go so that the mind is able to release all thought and troubles. For some this is a spiritual journey, for others a way to reduce stress. Some  also view meditation as a connection with the larger energy field of the universe. Breathing is one of the most important parts of meditation as is learning to let go of all thoughts and distractions.  It is slightly different than prayer as the goal is to let go of all thoughts and focus on the deep inner silence of the present. Prayer, mantras, chanting, singing and can also be part of the meditation process. 

Meditation is a process of slowing down the mind & body and letting go of all thoughts that may take over our minds.  By letting go we achieve a state of awareness that gives us both clarity and peace. We can then carry this with us in our daily lives making our normal experience less stressful and much more meaningful. It also brings a sense of understanding, compassion and deeper awareness to people who regularly practice it.